Goofy Gringos

Tue, 03 Nov 2009

Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking about, or if they think at all. Some gringos have decided that the third world country of Panama is a good place to live/retire/have a second home/live, whatever. So they come down here to relax, enjoy life in the slow lane on the cheap.

Most of them, at least the ones I meet, are buying homes/property along the beach or in the mountains, but far from the larger towns. Away from it all. Where life is quiet, and good. Some of these are gated communities, the likes of which Panamanians have never known before (nothing like fitting in and creating good will).

And then they decide that they can't stand being out of touch and demand: high-speed internet. An Internet most of them didn't even know existed 5 years ago. Now a must. They gotta stay in touch. Good, fast, cheap. Pick two.

So now, in a third world country, where many folks lack basics like electric, phone, and sometimes even clean, dependable drinking water, these goofy gringos scream about not having high-speed, always on, Internet.

As I write this, power has been down for quite a few hours at one of my towers (not one with solar power, but with this rain today, that would hardly matter), so the radio has been down -- and a number of folks have called. Some have come to the realization that in a 3d world country, folks don't jump and run just because you don't have electric. Get out the candles, we'll be there in a couple of days ...

We get a lot of 4 hour outages. These happen when the thieves, looking to steal copper, cut the lowest lines on the telephone poles -- the fiber lines (that's glass, not copper). That happened this morning and ended just after the lights went out. Well, I don't even try to be the power company or anything else, but the Internet is down -- my fault.

Sometimes I wish folks would think before doing silly things like moving to a third world country and expecting their 1st world standards and expectations to be fulfilled. Man, I gotta get some of whatever it is they're on. That's some powerful stuff. Makes LSD look like aspirin.

While I was in the military, when we deployed, the word often went out that if you didn't bring it with you, you don't need it. It's no surprise to me that a large percentage of the world is jealous of or despises US citizens and the US itself. And goofy gringos (aka ugly Americans) don't help. The phrase "Yankee go home" keeps running through my head. Glad none of them live around me.


Goofy Gringos

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