The New House -- First Try

Sun, 28 Nov 2010

Well, the house is ready -- NOT! After two inspections (with little change in the items found to be deficient by our inspector), the builders insisted all was ready. So we decided to start doing little things in preparation. Little things like cleaning, putting up lights (security lights came first), etc.

While working in the house, a good rainstorm came up. As it was ending, my daughter called from her bedroom where she was cleaning -- Mom, Dad, there's water running down the wall! Sure enough, an interior wall had water running down it. I had expected to find it on one of the exterior walls or in the corner.

I started to inspect the ceiling and saw the telltale dimple taht had formed around one of the screws holding the sheet rock. At that point, I started looking for access panels to climb above the ceiling for a better look. There were none. So we called the agent that sold us the house. She was surprised (not sure why thought, it was time for "I told you so"). We gave her the key to the house (thankfully we didn't have much moved in or the alarms set up yet).

A week passed. They managed to install access panels into the overhead and the folks who installed the roof came out to fix and inspect. They said all was fixed. I went out to check, and of course the ceiling (made of sheet rock) hadn't been replaced where it had gotten wet. I insisted someone from the builders office come out with me. He did. We opened an access panel and I climbed up for a look. Odd, I could see light coming through a knife slit in the insulation below the roof. I told the fellow who came with me it was my considered opinion that if light was coming in, more than just light would come in during a rainstorm.

He climed up, and spent 15 minutes looking around, first without, then with, a light. When he came down, he agreed the roof needed fixing, about a two square foot area of the ceiling needed replacing, and the rest of the house would need to be inspected for water damage. Water had gotten under the roof and leaked out an overlap in the insulation. He would make his findings known and have an answer on Tuesday (this was Saturday of a long weekend, nothing could be done until Tuesday) how they were going to proceed, what was to be done, and when.

So we wait. Odd how several people -- myself and the inspector we paid for his expertise -- both thought the roof was going to be a problem, but the builder was not of like mind (until someone came out and inspected for themselves). They were in a rush to deliver the house. While we'd like to have it, this year if possible, exactly when is still up in the air. Meanwhile, I also pointed out electrical boxes improperly installed among other things. Whether they'll fix it or leave it for me to do is still unclear. Fact is, I will be turning all the electrical outlets from a horizontal to a vertical orientation and have already started to do so.

We also informed the bank of the problems and they requested we provide them copies of the inspection reports, to which they stated that discrepancies found by an inspector would not go unanswered. Seems the bank will also be pressuring the builder for answers -- always good to know.

So life, and our impending move into a new house, are on hold.


The New House -- First Try

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