Should I Burn the Farm to the Ground?

Thu, 14 Jul 2011

Well, I knew it would happen. See "MIDA -- Keeping producers unproductive.". I have, once again, thousands of Tahiti limes rotting on the ground. No buyers. So I packed a few thousand off to Panama City.

Seems that's also a waste of time. Last price I got here in Chiriqui from a buyer was around ten cents apiece (I'd be happy with anything above 6 cents apiece - just above break-even). But producers from Cocle province, with the help of MIDA, are supplying Tahiti Limes to buyers. Best price I could get for my limes: 2 cents apiece. The Cocle producers flooded the market and killed it.

So now I'm left to decide if I should just start a big fire on the farm and burn it all to the ground and start over. The 2 cents per doesn't pay expenses.

Problem is, what to plant? I don't need to make a killing, but it would be nice to cover expenses, otherwise, what's the point? Sure, if I had 10 times the number of trees I could export the limes. But exporting takes guaranteeing a full container every week (or at least on a regular basis). But by the time I could fill a small container, half the fruit would be rotten.

Between thieves on the one hand and the government of Panama on the other, there seems little hope of ever coming out ahead.

I'm open to suggestions.


Should I Burn the Farm to the Ground?

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